Operational Excellence Lean & Supply Chain Management

Operational Excellence Lean & Supply Chain Management

Tem’s speciality in End to End Supply Chain Management & Operational Excellence Lean is centered around the EFFECTIVENESS of your value chain and the PERFORMANCE  of the product and service of your business.

Maintenance Excellence & Asset Care &  Industrial Construction

Maintenance Excellence & Asset Care & Industrial Construction

Tem’s specialty in Industrial Site/Factory Construction & Asset Care Excellence is centered around the RELIABILITY of your production tool and the investment’s PROFITABILITY AND CREATING VALUE of your business.

B2B and B2C Opportunity  & Commercial Excellence

B2B and B2C Opportunity & Commercial Excellence

Tem’s specialty in B2B/B2C Opportunity & Commercial Excellence is centered around the ATTRACTIVITY of your product/service in the market and your customer/consumer’s SATISFACTION of your business.

Who we are

Tem Business Rising is an International Business Consulting Company founded in 2010 to participate in the development of African industries.

Our primary mission is to support industrial companies in reaching their full hidden growth potential to become World Class. We always create serenity on our client’s products and services by ensuring the satisfaction of theirs customers and consumers.

Tem is the first consulting company to offer a culture of Lean Enterprise Excellence within Performance optimizations and global value chain.

Tem offers support to clients by Coaching them in their challenging strategic business moments and their Training of basic and specialized skills, by providing them with experimented Interim Managers from the industrial world.

Who we are photo

We are different photo

We are different

Tem is really different to most of consulting firms in Africa.

We rely on experimented consultants with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing industries and young engineers from school to ensure a continuous expertise within our team. We succeed if your performances become at a World Class Industrial scale. Solving your hardest problems with the best people is our permanent goal.

We gain the trust of our clients because, we are one of the selective consulting companies making NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to know how satisfy our clients are.

We are also working in a Holacracy‘s environment to manage our responsibilities in a self steering mindset to “make things done“.

We believe in a “Doing Best BY Doing Good” for continuous Improvement culture, and we constantly support our colleagues and clients in this belief to bring out their best performance.

Our collaborators are mainly of African citizens, but there are also Europeans, Americans and Asians as well.


Model And Approach

Tem uses a “Behavioral approach to build the RIGHT Culture” for your organization. Therefore, we apply the Shingo model to support you in your challenging and strategic moments. Together with you, we guarantee sustainable results by our approach.

We deploy our approach with humility and respect towards every collaborator of your organization. All of our consultants are MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) facilitators. This allows them to compose with all characters types. To help you in your journey, we coordinate the milestones and deliverable in three kinds of management

  • Steering committee for long-term goals
  • Deployment committee for mid-term goals
  • Projects teams for short-term goals

By this, all levels of your organization are involved.

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Our values photo

Our values

The values we champion are encapsulated in our behaviors


  • WE LEAD WITH RESPECT Act with compliance, integrity and fairness as a humble example to others

  • WE LEAD WITH OWNERSHIP Sieze sustainable opportunities and adress problems right away to improve your performances

  • WE LEAD WITH PERSEVERENCE We tackle difficult challenges that others may fear to win with you in an optimized business in a concrete manner

  • WE LEAD WITH CREATIVITY Innovate in any deployment to be aware of the recent potential digital and Industry 4.0 analytics appropriate for you


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Join us in a fantastic working environment where excellence rhymes with fun and smile, as FTE or Independent expert.

tem careers

Consultant, Project Engineer

The Consultant lead the deployment phases with more than 5 years of experiences of optimizations of performance. He/She go with objective to make things done on time with all.

The Consultant support your team to concreatize the tools in their working areas. He/She convince by simple evidences and integrate all of your teams into sustainable good behaviors mindset.

Our Consultant is certified facilitator to involve all of your employees by taking in account their ideas in a real teamsprit in each workshop of the journey.

Sr Consultant, Project Manager

The Senior Consultant is an experiented professional in your pain domain. He/She can justify of more than 10 years of working experience in similar projects and context as yours.

The Senior Consultant translate the observed ideal behaviors quick wins into levers to standardize with all of your managers for the industrial performance optimization. He/She frames the initiatives of Change culture for excellent resultats. Our Senior Consultant leads with your managers the deployment committee of the journey and is their contact in our organization.

Expert Consultant, Accounts Director

The Expert Consultant in one of our sector offer with more than 15 years of experiences in your industry sector and proven results recognized by several companies and different working environments in multiple countries and cultures.

The Expert Consultant talk the right language with you to define your need into real pains then opportunities. He/She reposes on the appropriate team of consultant to create solutions to achieve common goals.

Our expert is your key contact in our organization and take part with you in the steering committee of the journey